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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Where do you turn?

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Camera : Canon D10
Location : Bohol, Philippines.
Date : September 2009

I always see to it that no matter how low I feel, I look up. :)


applelicious said...

"I always see to it that no matter how low I feel, I look up. :)"

waaaah i love it! tama tama.. i'll keep that in mind in times that I feel like sh*t..

clickezraclick said...

its hard to picture u feeling like shit be.. hehe.. i feel like ur always happy since u got married. :)

ilovejaderich said...

Omg! I love ur blog pages Ez. hahaha.. Sorry i didn't wait for ur approval, I crash into ur page coz I'm so excited to see it..I wish I could take a really good picture like you do..sigh..dibale titingnan ko nalang mga pictures mo.

clickezraclick said...

hehe.. cge jade.. that'll keep me inspired to update this! :)

clickezraclick said...

eeek! i saw ur page, jade! nkadami ka na! hehe.. bsahin ko mya!

Jenalyn said...

nice ez..;) u'r really,really good at this. keep it up! mwah!

zra hotness said...

naks! means a lot coming from an isnabera like u lab! mwah! miss tka naman lugod. :)


applelicious said...

now ko lng to nabasa ez.. hehe

well, married life is not perfect but so far, its goooooood! :D

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