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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Rudi!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Camera : Canon D10
Mode : Aquarium
Location : Lakawon Beach, Bacolod. Philippines.
Date : February 2010

Thank you for keeping my bestfriend's heart whole. I wish you both everlasting happiness! CHEERS! :)


applelicious said...

awww ur so sweet lab! i'll show this to rudi later.. thanks! mwah

p.s. pirmi sala spelling mo sa name ni Rudi :)

ezra said...

hahahha! sorry man! I changed it already! mwah!

Make Rudi extra happy today manay! **wink! looooooooovee! :)

applelicious said...

ugmahun c rudi dgdi sa post mo and he said thanks! :) lalo na dgdi sa sabi mo make him extra happy today! hahaha

im extra happy talaga ngunian b ta sya may bday ako ang may regalo! hahaha

ezra said...

haahha! i saw his gift!
now u really gta make him extra extra happy! lolz!

have a good one! mwah!

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