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Sunday, December 12, 2010


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Camera : Canon D10
Mode : Aquarium
Location : Bacolod, Philippines.
Date : February 2010

I’m thinking of you again. Nothing new.
I wonder how it would feel to touch your hand indefinitely. To be with you without looking at the time. I think about that everyday. And when I do,..
I smile and cry at the same time…
I sigh at every thought of us being together. And then, just like before.. I’d get lost in the possibility that you will hold my hand and never let go.
But that’s just wishful thinking.
But you know me. I live for things like these. Things that make me smile for no reason. Sometimes, even if it’s make believe..
And it’s true. Sometimes, when I think I’ve been jolted back to my senses.. I’d think that I’m making you up. That I just conjured you from all my daydreaming.
But then, you’d show up everytime and lull me back to my imaginary world where you and I exist.
Oh how I love that world.
I wish I could stay.
I want to.

Will you?

*By Ezra. June 9, 2006

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