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Thursday, March 25, 2010

I dreamed of a snake today.

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Camera : Canon Powershot S5is
Mode : Color Accent
Location : Naga City. Philippines.
Date : August 2008


To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. Alternatively, the snake may be seen as phallic and thus symbolize temptation, dangerous and forbidden sexuality. If you are afraid of the snake, then it signifies your fears of sex, intimacy or commitment. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent healing, transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

To see the skin of a snake in your dream, represents protection from illnesses.

To dream that you are eating a live snake, indicates that you are looking for intimacy or sexual fulfillment. Your life is lacking sensuality and passion. If you vomit or throw up the snake, then it may mean that you are overcompensating for something that is lacking in your life. You may be rushing into something.


charmie tamba said...

ahahahaha... V! :D

ezra said...

lol. bkt wla nmn naniniwala kc! anuve!

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